Free Trial (Pre-Provisioned) Provision Trial License

Provision Trial License

Start here once you received an email confirmation of you Free Trial being Active.

  1. Login to your Admin Dashboard using your Email and Password provided in the confirmation email.

  2. Click on Network on the left navigation bar.

  1. You will see that on the Add Licenses(5) button on the right, which is greyed out, there is a number 5 present to indicate you now have 5 trial licenses.

    Select the Groups tab.

  2. You will see that the Demo Group tlcnet is already pre-loaded. Select Team on the left navigation bar.

  3. Click on Add Member button on the right, which is greyed out. On hover, the button turns bright blue.

  4. Start with your device to connect to the demo network. Input your name and email.

  5. Click the blue circle with plus symbol next to Address. This will provision you a globally unique Ethereum address with a corresponding NVIS IP address. Click Submit.